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Sky UK believe that every young person has potential, they just need the right opportunities to unlock it. Nishy Lall, Sky Academy Manager, explains.

pg-26-nishy-lallSky Academy is made up of five free initiatives.

  • Sky Sports Living for Sport – is a schools-based initiative using skills used for sports and sports stars to build confidence and life skills.
  • Sky Academy Careers Lab – full day careers experience for 16-19 year olds to build employability skills.
  • Sky Academy Starting Out – work experience, apprenticeships and graduate opportunities at Sky.
  • Sky Academy Skills Studios – a halfday interactive experience giving eight to 18-year-olds the chance to come behind the scenes at Sky and make their own TV report, linked to topics they are studying at school.

Through our initiatives we’ve set ourselves the target to reach out to 1 million young people by 2020.

We’re committed to investing throughout the UK and, in March 2015, we launched Sky Academy Skills Studios in Livingston, investing in young people across Scotland to give them an opportunity to come to Sky and participate in this interactive learning experience which is linked to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. Teachers have the choice of 20 different topics for students to create a news report using state of the art technology. Since launching 10,000 young people have benefited from attending Skills Studios. Also, this year in Scotland we will be holding Careers Lab days for 16 to 19 years olds to help further develop skills by giving them the chance to take part in practical workplace challenges at Sky and learn about jobs in media, business and technology.

Young people who take part in Sky Academy tell us it is unique and inspiring. Their experience has both boosted their skills and has improved their understanding of their importance.

Young people also gain confidence to apply these skills, developing them over time, helping to unlock their potential. As well as capturing the stories of their experiences, we’re measuring the effects of our initiatives immediately following and then up to six months after young people take part. And we’re proud of the positive impacts we’re seeing. As an example, more than 80% of those coming to Sky Academy Skills Studios report they have improved at least one of the six chosen skills (planning, communication, resilience, teamwork, creativity and confidence); 90% are more confident in these skills up to six months after their Sky Academy Careers Lab experience; and 90% of teachers report improvements in the teamwork of students who have taken part in Sky Sports Living for Sport.

It’s really inspiring to learn about all the youth work being done across Scotland, where many of these key skills are being used to make a positive impact to communities and society. We look forward to continuing the work with the youth work sector to enable more opportunities for young people across Scotland.

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Sky Academy’s article is taken from the latest The Link, the youth work sector’s magazine, you can read the full magazine here:


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