This week it’s all about women

It seems apt this week as we prepare to celebrate International Women’s Day tomorrow, Saturday 8 March,  that we look at some of the work that is being done in Scotland to empower young girls and women. This week’s blog is from a project set up in Glasgow which works to improve women’s sense of their own self-worth. MsMissMrs 2

The path to Female Empowerment

Sylvia Douglas, Project Manager, MsMissMrs CIC

MsMissMrs is a community interest company, serving the communities of Glasgow through the promotion of self-care and self-worth for girls and women. Demonstrating positive living tools and decision-making, we enable women & girls to find their own paths and inspire future generations to lead empowered lives. Emotional awareness is a route to true Empowerment.

Living with low self-esteem and poor self-care is a reality for many women and girls. Self-destructive attitudes can quickly be handed down from generation to generation, damaging relationships and lowering aspiration.

Our experiential workshops are provided in regular sessions or as an intensive block, all workshops are led by a skilled facilitator, allowing varied and open discussion in a safe, supportive environment.MsMissMrs 1

At the moment it is week 5 of a community workshop I have been running for teen mums. The conversation today is very different from our first week together. This week we have covered self-care in relation to the body, mind, emotions and relationships. We have explored setting boundaries and identifying needs, laughed lots and drank tea till I ran out of tea bags, twice! Today is our final day together and I am watching self-love plans being filled in with complete confidence. It is amazing to watch and it is the very reason I set MsMissMrs up late last year. I wanted to create a space for women and girls to begin a journey that explores self-care and self-love as a pathway to empowerment.  Living with low self-esteem and poor self-care is a reality for many women and girls, neglecting yourself can be handed down from generation to generation, damaging relationships and lowering aspiration.

This was very much my experience, I remember being 15 and having a conversation about self-love with my social worker, she was a real switched on lady who I thought had gotten the self-love thing wrong, see I thought if I were not loved and accepted by others I was therefore not worthy of self-love .

By the time I was in my early 20s I was already in unhealthy relationships and a chronic people pleaser who knew very little about taking care of her own needs. This self-neglect resulted in feelings of unworthiness and missed opportunities. And this then resulted in me taking comfort in alcohol, food and telly to escape the low feelings of powerlessness in my life.  My journey like the young mums in the group today will be ongoing, as worry of financial insecurity comes, relationships start and end and new opportunities come and go,  we need to remind ourselves to  practise setting boundaries, be kind and love ourselves under all conditions even when the negative self-talk begins. Today I feel truly blessed, I feel loved and I can give love, without compromising self-love.

Be Empowering, Be you and start conversations with friends about self-care and self-love!!!

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