Whit’s gaun on? Where do the guid ideas go to grow?

Kim Scott, Community Arts…Community Educator…Community Development worker; Humanitarian, Activist.

When I attend meetings about activism, youth work, and community development challenges and changes I wonder constantly, ‘Whit is gaun on?’

As I interconnect with others at training-of-trainers events and Youth in Action seminars, and see the potential courses for young people, youth workers and other professionals, I feel inspired by the great enthusiasm and ideas. But most importantly I feel inspired by the action around the people I come into contact with.

During my time at a most welcoming and rewarding course in the Czech Republic in June 2013, called The Lighthouse, I was surrounded by 23 people talking about action: practical change through revolutionising systems and structures, challenging our own thinking and the ways we all communicate with each other in work, in play, and within our community.Lighthouse

It was there that one of the trainers produced a most beautiful picture of interlinking circles. As I picked up this piece of paper I felt very drawn to it, and when I asked my trainer what it was, she told me – to my joy and surprise – that it was a visual representation of Sociocracy. This was something I had only just started to tap into, so I felt it was very fortuitous to have been able to attend this YIA conference and meet this person, and to have this wonderful picture in my hand.

‘So what?’ I hear you exclaim, ‘We have little time enough to read things,’ and I do not wish to lead you along without cause. I offer a piece (like wi jam) of an idea to something very current, fresh and transparent to ‘Whit is gaun’ on, right here in Scotland!

Since the end of August, myself and four others have been brought together by chance or fate to build, generate, and promote a conference on Sociocracy – also known as Dynamic Self Governance, or DSG. We are doing all the work for free in whatever spare time we have.

We have a leading professional and trainer in the field, John Buck, coming to Edinburgh on the 23rd October and Glasgow on 24th October, bringing with him a toolkit of information broken up into workshops introducing the subject, concept, and practical experience of Dynamic Self Governance. (Some prefer this term to ‘Sociocracy’, as the use of ‘Socio-’ has negative connotations for many Americans.)

As a team, we have created this website, where you can find information, contact us, and book your place at one of the events.

We want as many people as possible to have the chance to tap into this as yet unheard-of, but transformative, transparent, and mutually beneficial way of working together and communicating – whether in an organisation, business, voluntary group, school, government, or together at home.

We are sending out this invitation to one and all, as it is for us all, to sign up to something that could be a stepping stone towards creating a better way of doing things for you and your professional, living, breathing world.

We have a huge intention for a Give&Share economy. However, we must cover our basic costs for trainers, accommodation, travel, refreshments and administration, which so far are mainly from our own pocket!

Please pass this on to as many people, organisations, committees, networks and friends as possible. This could offer us all a piece of the jigsaw towards how we wish to organise ourselves. We are investing not only money here, but also our enthusiasm and intention for a better world for us all.


Community Arts…Community Educator…Community Development worker; Humanitarian, Activist.


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